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Hospiten commemorates World Hug Day for its benefits to mental health

Posted on 21-01-2022

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, January 21, 2022. The Hospiten Group wants to join in the commemoration of World Hug Day, which is celebrated this Friday, January 21, in a special way by promoting emotional expression and the benefits of a hug due to its therapeutic effects, despite the need to adapt these gestures to the current times of pandemic.

For the Hospiten Group, it is important to celebrate World Hug Day because the hug is the symbol of the organization as a whole and represents a global hug, the maximum expression of care, unity and affection.

In 20 seconds, you can get practically all the positive effects a hug can give us and, according to various medical studies, the moment you come into physical contact with another person, the emotional responses are immediate. When we feel sad or discouraged and receive a hug from a loved one, we often feel relief and calmness about the situation we are facing, since there is a certain evolutionary influence that explains the propensity to require physical contact to achieve a certain degree of comfort and well-being.

Various scientific studies conclude that the benefits of hugs go beyond emotions and have a direct impact on people's health. Hugging also helps trigger a hormone called oxytocin, otherwise known as the love hormone, which is a neurotransmitter that acts on the limbic system, the emotional center of the brain, promoting feelings of happiness that reduce anxiety and stress.

Hospiten has made an institution of this celebration, since the gesture is part of the very identity of the healthcare group, because its own logo, a circle with two different colors, is an abstract hug.

In the current context, despite the need to maintain social distancing, Hospiten wants to highlight the benefits of hugs (real or virtual) as they allow us to strengthen bonds and develop empathy. Contactless social relationships are also beneficial. In this sense, a virtual hug can provide positive mental support for both the person sending it and the person receiving it, generating an associated state of well-being. And, although it is clear that we all want to physically hug each other again as soon as possible, this helps to strengthen the gestures of affection and to feel loved by offering affection, energy and joy.


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