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Hospiten Roca incorporates a new facial esthetics medical service

Posted on 23-02-2022

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, February 2022. Hospiten Roca offers a new facial esthetics medical service that allows clients to find solutions for issues they have with their physical appearance, improve their skin health and delay aging. Thus, the hospital has opened a new Facial Esthetics Medical Unit, directed by Dr. Cecilia Lobos.

According to Dr. Cecilia Lobos, esthetic medicine has grown in popularity as a result of the general public having greater access to information about the field, as well as the wide offer of esthetic medical treatments available for facial health. In addition, the doctor points out that there is "a greater concern for physical appearance", so, thanks to esthetic medicine, "aspects of our physical appearance we are not satisfied with can be improved and consequently our self-acceptance will be greater”.

The main advantage for clients attending Hospiten Roca for facial esthetics treatment is that they enjoy multidisciplinary care in a hospital setting where the professionals are supported by the other medical and surgical specialties allowing them to deal with all their clients’ needs.  Furthermore, procedures are carried out on an outpatient basis, most of the results are noticed immediately and allow the client to return to their normal routine on the same day.

The Hospiten Roca Facial Esthetics Medical Unit offers a variety of types of treatments, including facial rejuvenation with botulinum toxin, mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid, collagen inducers, facial esthetics treatments for dynamic and static wrinkles and gummy smile, masseter hypertrophy, lipoatrophy and hyperlaxity of the skin, dark circles and bags lower under the eyes, cheekbones, rhino-modelling, barcode lines, volume, hydration and/or lip profiling, nasolabial folds, among others.

Patients can therefore find a wide range of treatments that suit their needs, regardless of their age group. The doctor explains that among the younger population we can speak of the concept of 'pre-juvenation', since what they seek is to prevent the signs of aging, rather than treating them and maintaining good skin quality. While, in middle-aged patients, treatments are directed at loss of volume and increased sagging of the skin. “In these types of patients, we focus on replenishing that necessary volume and then apply treatments to increase the production of our own collagen and, thus, tightening the skin. Our main aim is to offer each patient a natural, harmonious and personalized appearance”, says Dr. Cecilia Lobos.

In addition, the doctor highlights the need to be able to detect cases of patients who may suffer from body dysmorphia, which leads to them becoming unhealthily obsessed with their physical appearance and with the need for esthetic procedures. "The most important thing is to be able to identify any psychological alteration and to offer a type of help that does not depend on improving the physical aspect, but the mental aspect”.

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