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Hospiten endorses a medical glue that guarantees the elimination of varicose veins

Posted on 05-04-2022

Las Palmas, March 2022. Hospiten is committed to a venous sealing technique with medical glue, which allows the removal of varicose veins in the legs in a simple, outpatient and practically painless manner. To do this, a non-toxic medical glue is used.

Dr. Mirjana Lara, a specialist in angiology and vascular surgery at Hospiten Roca in Gran Canaria and Hospiten Lanzarote, states that the treatment improves the quality of life of those who suffer from chronic venous insufficiency, a disease affecting 20% of the population, above all women. She adds that, after the intervention, the patient does not need to rest, so she can continue with her working life and do sport.

The technique consists of using real-time images of the varicose vein to locate it exactly and perform a puncture on the vein. Through this puncture, the cyanoacrylate, or glue is released, which induces fibrosis in the vein, preventing the passage of blood. "This means the blood flow is redistributed through other healthy areas of the leg", explains Dr. Lara.

The Hospiten specialist also stresses that "these intervention treatments aim to eliminate saphenous reflux to relieve symptoms and, in more than 96% of cases, they are successful”.

In recent studies, these procedures have proven to be safe, effective methods in the treatment of saphenous veins, capillaries, perforators, and venous recurrences.

To carry out the procedure, Hospiten Roca and Hospiten Lanzarote take into account the clinical, etiological, anatomical and pathophysiological staging of the limb to be treated, in addition to the existence of symptoms attributable to venous insufficiency like pain, a feeling of heaviness, cramps , paresthesia, pruritus and/or edema.

Likewise, the symptoms prior to the intervention will be analyzed and compared with the patient's situation following the procedure and both the absence and /or the presence of varicose veins  visible in the area treated will be examined.

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