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Hospiten Estepona adds innovative 3D biomechanical insoles to its portfolio of services

Posted on 15-03-2022

Estepona, Malaga. March 15, 2022. Technology and health continually cross paths and in this case, it is thanks to Inmaculada Cano, a specialist in biomechanics and orthopedics at Hospiten Estepona, who is always on the lookout for the most advanced procedures in the biomedical and engineering industry. For this reason, the hospital has signed an agreement with Malaga startup Wypro 3D to incorporate their innovative biomechanical insoles, created with 3D technology, into its portfolio of services.

“Indicated for the prevention and treatment of injuries in athletes, children, the elderly and for everyday life, Wypro 3D insoles mean that the time it takes patients to adapt to their new insoles is reduced, on the one hand thanks to their completely personalized design and on the other, thanks to the cutting-edge materials and technology that make up the structure of the insole”, says Inmaculada Cano, podiatrist at Hospiten Estepona, who envisaged clear benefits for Hospiten patients in this alliance.

In addition, “the polymers used in this material combine points of specific flexibility in each part of the insole, giving greater durability. Thanks to the information on the patient’s footprint provided by specialist podiatrists and the material developed exclusively for Wypro 3D, each insole offers specific point density and flexibility, to fit the data of each patient, thus achieving adaptation to the treatment in record time and with unique comfort”, explains Jorge Granel, head of design and engineering at Wypro 3D.


A process whose origin lies in and objective is the patient

The process involved in creating Wypro 3D insoles borrows advances exclusive to other areas of engineering like aeronautics or Formula 1, in terms of taking samples, the materials used and manufacturing to the final product.


The process is straightforward:

  • Foot scan. With a portable laser scanner, direct, digital foot molds are produced without the need for traditional plaster or foam molds, thus reducing waste.
  • Design. Wypro 3D engineers generate a 3D mesh by computer, using the dynamic pressure map, weight, scan and morphology of the patient's foot.
  • Printing. The most advanced 3D printing technology allows for maximum precision and quality in the final insole, with a shorter waiting period than usual.

In addition, each insole is subject to quality control after production to verify that the result is optimal for the patient.



About the Hospiten Group

The Hospiten Group is an international healthcare network with 50 years of experience, committed to providing the highest quality service, and which has twenty private medical-hospital centers in Spain, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Jamaica and Panama. The group is chaired by Dr. Pedro Luis Cobiella and attends more than 2,000,000 patients from all over the world every year with a workforce of more than 5,000 people.


About Wypro 3D Medical

Wypro 3D Medical is a company based in Malaga in the field of biomedicine and engineering, specialized in the design and manufacture of orthopedic insoles and personalized treatments using the most advanced 3D printing technology, developing their own technology and solutions, adapted to the needs of each hospital or clinic.