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Hospital Paitilla inaugurates new facilities

Posted on 12-05-2022

Hospital Paitilla has completed and inaugurated the first phase of their Master Plan for structural, technological and organizational renovation with an investment of 17 million dollars. A project that started with great impetus and enthusiasm and that today we can see completed, reaffirming the hospital’s commitment to Panama and, above all, to their patients.

The presentation ceremony was attended by the President of the Republic of Panama, Laurentino Cortizo, First Lady Yazmin Colon de Cortizo, Francisco Javier Pagalday Gastelurrutia, Ambassador of Spain and other government ministers.

On behalf of Hospital Paitilla, the presentation was made by Juan Jose Hernandez Rubio, president of Hospital Paitilla and the Hospiten Group, who was accompanied by Pedro Luis Cobiella Beauvais, vice president of Hospital Paitilla and vice president and CEO of the Hospiten Group; Diana Cobiella Beauvais, board member of the Hospiten Group; Arjen Ronner, general manager for America; Hugo Guiance, general manager in Panama; Fernando Tormo, general manager of Hospital Paitilla; Dr. Ariel Saldaña, medical director of Hospital Paitilla and Cecilia Fernandez, nursing director of Hospital Paitilla.

The most ambitious part of this first phase was the construction and equipping of a “new Emergency Room for Adults”. The facilities and services have been expanded, with new technologies improving the patient experience, streamlining administrative processes and optimizing the patient’s time while at the hospital.

The new emergency room has a greater capacity to attend patients with 9 cubicles, a triage and rapid consultation room, in addition to gynecology, resuscitation and isolation cubicles for greater patient safety.

A bilingual patient-experience team has also been created, thus improving the quality of care.

In addition to this, for the first time at Paitilla Hospital, a "Pediatric Emergency Room" has been built with a completely independent waiting and consultation rooms attended by pediatricians 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Kitted out with specific equipment to guarantee more efficient care for children, among which are child-friendly cubicles, a triage room and aerosol stations.

On the ground floor of the hospital, there is also a completely renovated physiotherapy area, with more space, more patient care stations and new services, making us one of the most complete physiotherapy hospitals in the country. The laboratory also returns to the ground floor for greater accessibility.


Other important work carried out in the first phase are:

  • The facade, an architectural icon of Panama City. It has been renovated both structurally and esthetically, respecting the history of the building.
  • At the main entrance we are greeted by a completely renovated lobby where there are staff specialized in Patient Experience to guide and assist patients down to the smallest detail. In addition, we have an admissions and patient discharge area, which, thanks to new electronic admissions and pre-admissions systems, promises greater efficiency and speed in these processes.
  • In addition to this, there is a completely new, fully automated retail pharmacy and a modern cafeteria for our patients.


“This hospital has been at the forefront of medical care in our country since its foundation in 1975, it is the hospital where my two children were born. Since 2018, and the arrival of the Hospiten Group, the country is satisfied with the investments made both in infrastructure and technology and in medical equipment because that translates into benefits for the community and places Panama at the forefront of hospital care”, stated President Laurentino Cortizo in his speech.

The Master Plan will continue this year with the renovation of the third floor that will house maternity, pediatrics, neonatology and neonatal ICU services. In the same phase, 7 consultation offices will be built on the ground floor of Paitilla Medical Consultation Offices, just in front of the hospital itself, to enhance the portfolio of specialties.

Parallel to modernizing the hospital infrastructure, this year we will also update the hospital's medical equipment, beginning with the acquisition of a new state-of-the-art Angiograph and a 512-slice PHILIPS CAT scan with spectral technology, which will be the first to be the first of its kind in Latin America. Likewise, the technological system will be improved by incorporating the electronic grid.

In 2023, the new surgical block for major surgery will be completed, which will mean a qualitative leap in our surgical capacity.

Subsequently, in 2024, a block of operating rooms for major outpatient surgery, an obstetrics block and a new endoscopy service will be built on the ground floor.

Throughout this process, research and teaching have always been present and have become a reality thanks to agreements signed with INDICASAT for scientific research projects and with the University of Panama for teaching.


About Hospital Paitilla

Founded in 1975, Hospital Paitilla is a private tertiary care hospital which is part of the Hospiten Group. It has a prestigious group of professionals in all medical specialties and more than 600 collaborators. It currently offers a wide range of hospital facilities and technical, diagnostic and therapeutic services. Hospital Paitilla developed the results portal that allows access to online data from laboratory and radiology tests and is currently in the second phase of structural and technological renovation of its master plan.