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Hospiten Bellevue University Hospital incorporates state-of-the-art digital equipment

Posted on 01-06-2022

The hospital network continues to incorporate the latest technology to offer better quality of service, specifically in magnetic resonance imaging


Santa Cruz de Tenerife, June 1, 2022. The Hospiten Group continues to expand its innovation strategy by installing the first digital-coil MRI in the north of Tenerife, specifically at Hospiten Bellevue University Hospital. Fully digital, state-of-the-art equipment that will help improve patient experience and provide better quality images.

The equipment differs from conventional magnetic resonance imaging in the time needed to prepare and obtain images of MRI studies. The equipment is less sensitive to involuntary movements of nervous or uncooperative patients, thus avoiding the need to repeat tests, as well as reducing apnea times by 50%; further shortening the time the process takes. It also provides intelligent information on the functioning of the body which means the diagnosis is increasingly accurate and non-invasive. This model is also designed to obtain quality images in complicated areas like neurology, skeletal muscle, breast or oncology.

The fully digital equipment, a Philips Ingenia 1.5T, is an important breakthrough which shortens the time required to carry out studies. The incorporation of this new high-precision tool in medical care for patients in the north of the island continues in line with Hospiten’s commitment to improvement and innovation in the quality of the group’s services.


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