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Hospiten Sur University Hospital incorporates fluorescence-guided surgery applied to the gastrointestinal tract

Posted on 08-06-2022

The new system improves safety in surgical interventions, reducing risks and achieving better medical-surgical results


Santa Cruz de Tenerife, June 2022. The General Surgery and Gastrointestinal Unit at Hospiten Sur University Hospital has incorporated ICG (indocyanine green) fluorescence-guided surgery, a new system that improves safety in surgical interventions, reducing potential risks. The procedure consists of using a fluorescent dye which, during surgery, is stimulated by infrared light. The light, in turn, is captured and transformed by specific laparoscopy equipment, which generates an optimal image.

Dr. Fernando Estevez, a surgeon at the General Surgery and Gastrointestinal Unit Hospiten Sur University Hospital, explains that the new system "is a great advance in pelvic cancer surgery, colorectal tumors or in treating of common diseases like in gallbladder surgery or urological interventions. In all these procedures, fluorescence allows the noble structures to be identified, meaning the surgical procedure is much more precise and less invasive.

The technique allows doctors to see anatomical structures, tumors, tissue vascularization and helps with identification of the sentinel node and lymphatic mapping of malignant tumors in which staining is found. This is possible thanks to specific imaging devices that transmit a signal to a monitor to guide the surgical procedure, achieve maximum safety and provide the surgeon with more accurate vision of the area being operated on.

Fluorescence-guided surgery is increasingly used in the medical-surgical field. Indocyanine green is a dye that allows the desired part of the body to be observed real-time during surgery and can be administered in different ways depending on the structures we want to see, the most common of which is intravenously, used to perform an anastomosis or to identify tissues with hypoperfusion or ischemia.


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