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Presentation of the 2021/22 MVP Hospiten trophy to Alex Corredera

Posted on 24-06-2022

Alex Corredera has been awarded the MVP Hospiten Trophy for the 2021/2022 season, a prize given to the best player in Tenerife FC chosen by the club's fans by means of a voting system that runs over the 42 days of the regular League, on the Deporpress.com website.

In his first season with the club, the midfielder is celebrating being recognized as the most regular player in the ‘Blue and White’ team, following in the footsteps of teammate Samuel Shashoua, who won in the previous edition.

Corredera joins, in addition to Shashoua, Luis Milla, Amath N'Diaye and Dani Hernandez, who have won the MVP Hospiten in previous seasons. The Catalan player has been at the top of the table since the beginning of the season, although goalkeeper Juan Soriano has been very close to the winner throughout the 21/22 season.

With 29 points in the general classification, Corredera has been recognized as the most regular player by ‘Blue and White’ fans during the league. With 28 points, Soriano was runner-up and Jeremy Mellot, with 23 points, completes the podium this season.

The ‘Blue and White’ midfielder has done well in his first season at Tenerife Football Club, appearing in no less than 41 of the 42 games of the regular League (33 of them on the team sheet), exceeding three thousand minutes of play and scoring two goals.

The player received the trophy on the pitch at the Heliodoro Rodriguez Lopez Stadium, and he was “very happy. It has been a year for all the team. Personally, it is my first season in professional football, and I am very happy with how the team has done and with their participation in the play-off for promotion”.

The most regular player throughout the championship stressed that “it is a recognition of the work done by the whole group. We have all been important".

Vice President and CEO of the Hospiten Group, Pedro Luis Cobiella Beauvais, oversaw the presentation of the trophy. “We are very excited to present this MVP Hospiten Trophy because it is decided by the fans themselves through their votes in Deporpress during the season. It rewards the perseverance, regularity and work of a player who deserves it for what he has done this season”, he stated, pointing out that this is very special year, as it is the centennial of the club. “It is a very special year for Tenerife FC and we are very proud to be part of this team, of this positivity. We have been part of this team for almost 10 years now and we want to continue doing so because we feel part of the club, and sport and health go hand in hand. What is more, the values of this team are work, perseverance, effort, dedication and respect for sport, with which we feel very identified”.

Video Link: https://youtu.be/zZCZBDylzjY