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Hospiten Lanzarote incorporates augmented reality in knee replacement

Posted on 07-02-2023

The Trauma Department uses browser software to improve placement of the implant, ensuring maximum reliability


Hospiten Lanzarote is the only private clinic on the island using the technique, achieving excellent results for the patient


Santa Cruz de Tenerife, February 2023. The Hospiten Group is performing augmented reality-based arthroplasty surgery to improve the placement of knee prostheses and ensure a faster, more optimal recovery. In this procedure, the surgeon is assisted by real-time software providing an improvement in the final alignment of the implant. Hospiten Lanzarote is the only private clinic on the island performing the procedure and is at the forefront for its patients.

Augmented reality-based arthroplasty reduces the general need for revision surgery, i.e., the need to replace the implants in the future, ensuring maximum durability and reliability in implant placement. The software and the surgeon work in synergy with each other achieving excellent results, even in the most difficult cases. In fact, augmented reality-based surgery is indicated for any patient as the computer generates a virtual image which guides the surgeon to the millimeter, reducing the margin of error below 0.01%.

Dr. Borja Segarra, a specialist in Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology at Hospiten, states that "it sometimes seems that medical technology cannot be applied to everyone, but the truth is that, in this circumstance, the difficult cases benefit most from this type of surgery. He reiterates that the main advantage is better alignment and balance of the components implanted, improving the overall technical quality of the surgery.

Further benefits are reduced bleeding during surgery and faster recovery, thus reducing hospital stays to a minimum. The Hospiten specialist points out that this surgery can offer the patient a "much more modern, effective" alternative. He ends by saying that "patients leave satisfied with the results” and points out that “this aspect is good for both parties, for the patients and for the surgeon."

The Hospiten Group continues with its commitment to improving the quality of life of patients by incorporating new, cutting-edge technologies and procedures and providing personalized care of the highest quality.


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