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Hospiten warns of the importance of using fantasy contact lenses responsibly in the carnival

Posted on 21-02-2023

Las Palmas, February 20, 2023. The use of fantasy contact lenses to complete our costume in the carnival has become popular over time. Hospiten warns that bad practice in the use of fantasy lenses can lead to very serious consequences for the health of our eyes.

From the Hospiten Roca Ophthalmology Service, Dr. Zanetti gives some advice on the proper use of contact lenses during carnival. First, she stresses that we must not forget that fantasy contact lenses are medical devices, and it is therefore essential they be bought in specialized stores. The authenticity of lenses can be verified by checking the product has the CE marking.

On the other hand, the doctor says that a user of fantasy lenses must follow the same procedure as when using standard contact lenses. Always remember to wash one’s hands with soap and water before putting in contact lenses, clean the lenses well with a multipurpose solution and avoid using tap water or saliva. She also warns of the importance of putting contact lenses in before applying make-up and removing make-up after taking out the contact lenses.

Dr. Zanetti points out that contact lens wearers should always check the origin of any makeup products, their condition and expiration date. She goes on to recommend not sharing eye makeup products so as not to alter the bacterial flora of the eye and prevent serious infection.

The Hospiten Roca specialist explains that eye make-up must be removed well before sleeping with appropriate eyelid cleansing wipes, foams or gels. She also advises users that lenses should never be worn for longer than the recommended time.

Some of the consequences of misusing contact lenses are conjunctivitis, eye allergies, infections and styes. On the other hand, complications like red eye, pain, the feeling of there being a foreign body in the eye, excessive tearing, sensitivity to light, etc. may also occur. However, if, despite carrying out the appropriate procedure, there is discomfort in the eye, the contact lens user must see a specialist ophthalmologist.

If you follow these tips from Dr. Zanetti, you can enjoy the festivities without putting your eye health at risk.

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