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The Hospiten Group projects a new university hospital in Madrid

Posted on 06-03-2023
  • Located in Boadilla del Monte, it will be the group’s first hospital with the Hospiten brand in Madrid and their second center in the Autonomous Community, where they already have MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid
  • The new hospital will have 45 medical specialties, 140 beds in single rooms and 20 suites, and will create around 800 jobs for health and non-health personnel when the hospital opens
  • The new hospital will allow the Hospiten Group to strengthen and expand their presence in Madrid consolidating their position as a leading company in the sector, with centers in five countries, over 5,000 professionals and more than 1,200 hospital beds.
  • Hospiten has the support of BWRE, a real estate investment management company specializing in the transformation of assets and mixed developments, as project manager.


Madrid. March 6, 2023. The Hospiten Group has announced the construction of a new university hospital in Boadilla del Monte, in Madrid. The project, to be built on a plot acquired by the company, with a buildable surface area of 40,000 m2, will involve a total investment of 150 million euros and the creation of more than 350 direct and indirect jobs during the execution of the works.

The company is already working on drafting the basic project and will later apply for the corresponding municipal permit to begin construction work on the center, which will be located beside the Prado del Espino business park, next to the M-501. The execution period for the works is 24 months and the future hospital is expected to open its doors in the first half of 2026. Hospiten is supported by BWRE, a real estate investment management company specializing in the transformation of assets and mixed developments, as project manager heading up the entire process, from the location and purchase of the land to the development of the necessary technical work for the construction of a first-class hospital complex.

With this project, the Hospiten Group reinforces and expands their position in Madrid, where they are already established having incorporated the prestigious MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid in 2010, a center of reference and excellence for cancer treatment in Spain and Europe. The new university hospital will be the first in Madrid under the group’s own Hospiten brand.

Juan José Hernández, executive president of the Hospiten Group, explained that "this project was born with the aim of continuing the healthcare work we have been providing for over 12 years in Madrid through MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid". “Our aim is to launch this new university hospital in Boadilla del Monte as a way of completing the hospital-healthcare on offer in an area with a population of some 400,000 inhabitants between the municipality and its surroundings. As the Hospiten Group, we are very pleased to be able to strengthen our presence in Madrid, and Spain, and above all to be able to work on a new project that will have a first-class human team, cutting-edge technology and a clear commitment to innovation at the service of the well-being of our patients”, he stressed.


A hospital with 45 specialties in 20 functional units

The future hospital, a university hospital, will have a service portfolio of 45 specialties, divided into 20 functional units, and will create around 800 jobs when it opens to the public, between health and non-health personnel. The property will have a constructed surface area of 30,000 m2, in addition to a further 18,000 m2 to house its own 600-space parking garage.

The hospital will have different accesses for patients attending the Emergency Department, Hospitalization and Outpatient Services. Inside, the hospital will have 160 rooms for hospitalization (140 single rooms and a further 20 suites), as well as 30 boxes in the Intensive Care Unit, 30 in the Emergency Room and 22 for the Day Hospital, with the aim of offering effective care focused on the patient seeking the greatest comfort, privacy and confidentiality.

The facilities are completed with 17 operating rooms, four delivery rooms, a catheterization lab and up to 80 outpatient offices for individual use. In addition, the center will have state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging technology in line with Hospiten's commitment to innovation at the service of patient well-being.

The project will be certified in compliance with the highest energy efficiency requirements, CO2 net zero, with the idea that the hospital will be environmentally sustainable and maximize the use of natural resources to reduce its ecological footprint and environmental impact.


With more than 50 years’ history and more than 1,200 hospital beds, the Hospiten Group is an international private hospital network, employing more than 5,000 professionals and caring for more than two million patients annually. The new hospital in Boadilla del Monte (Madrid) will allow the group to consolidate its position as a benchmark company in the sector, in addition to continuing its expansion. The group currently has twenty medical-hospital centers  located in five countries: Spain, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Jamaica and Panama.