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Renowned bariatric surgeon José Luis Gallego Perales joins the Hospiten Estepona Obesity Unit

Posted on 10-05-2023

Estepona (Malaga), May 10, 2023. With a highly impressive record and reputation in the area of Bariatric Surgery, (specific procedures for the treatment of obesity), José Luis Gallego Perales will be the latest addition to our team at Hospiten Estepona. He brings vast experience in the field following a long and prestigious career that includes 20 years with the Minimally Invasive Surgery Department of the Malaga Regional University Hospital, and a further seven years working in Bariatric Surgery for the Mediclinic international hospital group in Dubai.        

A pioneer in laparoscopic surgery in Malaga, a technique first employed in the Costa del Sol capital in 1989 (just four years after it was performed for the first time in the world), Dr. Gallego Perales will be an invaluable addition to the Hospiten Estepona Obesity Unit, where he will be working alongside a large multidisciplinary team.  

As the doctor himself firmly believes, the treatment of obesity should involve a range of measures in order to be effective over the long term for the patient. These routes will typically combine minimally invasive surgery or laparoscopy together with regular exercise and a correct diet, essential in order not to regain the weight lost.     

However, we would stress that we are not concerned with weight loss for purely aesthetic motives, but rather as a health issue, given that patients with this condition may suffer other ailments such as type II diabetes or sleep apnoea.


Hospiten Estepona Obesity Unit

As part of the General and Digestive Surgery Department at Hospiten Estepona, Dr. Gallego Perales will contribute his wide experience and expert knowledge to the Obesity Unit. This unit will assess every patient’s case individually and then determine and apply the best treatment accordingly. For this purpose, Hospiten Estepona is equipped with state of the art facilities and surgical technology, which we use to perform minimally invasive procedures (laparoscopic surgery), allowing interventions with minimal scarring and reduced hospitalisation times.   

Hospiten Estepona offers a comprehensive and multidisciplinary service comprising Internal Medicine, General and Digestive Surgery, Nutrition and Psychiatry in order that the patients undergoing this type of surgery obtain significant health benefits and improve their quality of life.   

Follow-up care is extremely important following surgery, and can be provided at either Hospiten Estepona or alternatively at the Specialities Centre in Algeciras.  


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