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Hospiten recommends prevention against the allergies caused by mosquito bites in summer

Posted on 11-07-2023

Women and people with less variety of bacterial flora in the skin have a higher probability of suffering mosquito bites


Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 11 July, 2023. Over the summer months, Hospiten Group centres receive a greater number of inquiries in relation to allergies caused by mosquito bites, because of more time spent outdoors and the wearing of less protective clothing. Although most symptoms are mild and there are relatively few reported cases of severe allergic reactions to these insects, it is important to diagnose the area of the bite if symptoms do occur.

A number of scientific studies have shown that women and people in general with less diversity of bacterial flora on their skin, are more likely to get mosquito bites. In turn, these insects have a greater or lesser attraction to the body scent of each individual, thus explaining why some people show a greater susceptibility than others do.

With a mild bite, treatment consists of applying oral antihistamines to relieve itching and thus prevent infection caused by scratching. If it is moderate, our experts recommend the use of corticosteroid cream. When no improvement is observed in either case, we would advise visiting a health professional. 

On the other hand, in the event of an allergic response to mosquito bites, local reactions of considerable size (greater than 10 cm) can occur, and in some cases, patients may suffer difficulties in breathing, swallowing or experience generalized itching.

Dr. Alejandro Risco, allergist at Hospiten Lanzarote and Hospiten Bellevue University Hospital, explains that, after identifying a bite, "continuous scratching can lead to infections or a build-up of pus, which is why we recommended being especially attentive to the smallest members of the household."

To reduce the likelihood of bites, it is advisable to watch out for areas of stagnant water around the home and to use mosquito traps, screens and repellents, always following the manufacturer's instructions to avoid toxic effects from improper use.


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