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Hospiten Lanzarote, at the forefront of arthroscopic wrist surgery

Posted on 06-02-2024

With the introduction of innovative new technology in the hands of an expert medical team, the risk of fibrosis can be minimised, resulting in swifter recovery


Arrecife, February 6 2024. The Hospiten Group is now leading the way in arthroscopic wrist surgery thanks to the experience of Dr. Paúl Sierra in this technique, who together with his expert team, using state of the art technology, are successfully achieving swifter recovery time and minimizing discomfort to the patient.

Dr. Sierra, traumatology specialist at Hospiten Lanzarote, explained that this is the best available technique for more reduced spaces such as the wrist, which have specific peculiarities compared with other parts of the body. “Given these anatomical characteristics, much smaller optical devices are required to access the joint”, he added.  

In some cases, the body’s response to certain operations can provoke an accumulation of scar tissue, known as fibrosis. However, thanks to this technique, the injury to soft tissue is diminished, recovery is less painful and rehabilitation time for the structure is reduced.  

Numerous applications

The traumatologist Dr. Borja Segarra, member of the team, emphasised that arthroscopy can have numerous applications, and is now being used for the diagnosis and treatment of all sorts of joint problems. “Via a small incision, a fibre optic video camera is inserted, allowing direct visualisation of the joint”, he explained.

This approach is particularly useful in the case of problems in this area of the body. When diagnosing injuries in the wrist ligaments, for example, arthroscopy provides a dynamic and tactile option, which is an advance over static image testing. It is also beneficial in the treatment of a variety of conditions, such as triangular fibrocartilage injuries, distal radial fractures, wrist arthrolysis, synovitis and ganglion cysts on the wrist. “Not only does it help us confirm diagnoses, but also enables us to perform more precise and less invasive interventions and thereby improve patient recovery”, added Dr. Borja Segarra.

It is also worth noting that arthroscopy can be combined with other interventions, allowing a fuller diagnosis of possible additional injuries that could be initially difficult to evaluate. Furthermore, arthroscopy enables us to address these injuries within the same surgical procedure.  

This comprehensive approach seeks to optimise the recovery process taking into account not only the surgical procedure used, but also the patient’s overall clinical situation. Nevertheless, it remains important to highlight the fact that care after surgery is not exclusively determined by the arthroscopy technique, but rather by the specific nature of the injury to the patient.   


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