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Cosmetic Gynecology and Intimate Surgery Unit


The natural processes in a woman's life cycle, such as childbirth, episiotomies, hormonal changes, weight gain and the passing of time, contribute to the loss of vaginal tissue strength, which leads to loss of muscle tone and that of the surrounding tissue and can cause problems such as involuntary loss of urine, vaginal laxity and dryness, and recurrent infections. These symptoms can have a negative effect a woman's quality of life and often prevent her from leading a normal lifestyle.  

To offer wellness and the possibility of regaining your intimate life, Hospiten Bellevue incorporates Laser FemiLift technology. The treatment is similar to having a vaginal ultrasound. It is a minimally invasive procedure, ambulatory, fast, painless, and without the need for sick leave, which uses a CO2 laser to warm the vaginal tissue superficially, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, resulting in vaginal rejuvenation, improving vascularization and lubrication.






Procedures performed with laser

       1.   Non-surgical correction of urinary incontinence types 1 and 2

       2.    Intimate anti-aging: genital atrophy, female sexual dysfunction, aging of the genitals ...

       3.    Chronic postpartum pain

       4.    Chronic vulvar itching

       5.    Vaginal dryness

       6.    Repeated genital infections

       7.    Genital Hyperhidrosis

       8.    Dermatological conditions of the genital area (lichen, vulvar psoriasis ...)

       9.   Genital anal whitening



Other procedures performed without laser

1.    Hydration and / or genital remodeling with hyaluronic acid.

2.    Botulinum toxin in vaginismus and / or dyspareunia (pain in sexual relationships).   

3.    Postpartum abdominal striae (stretch marks) and post-cesarean scars with platelet-rich plasma.

4.   Vulvar mesotherapy.

5.   Enhancement of external genitals (vontouring).

6.   Nonsurgical enlargement of G-spot with hyaluronic acid.

7.   Clitoris rejuvenation.

8.  Placement of tension threads in mons pubis.


In addition to these procedures in the Cosmetic Gynecology and Intimate Surgery Unit, other laser-assisted surgical procedures are performed, which correct both functional and esthetic problems (surgical correction and remodeling of external genitalia).





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