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Dialysis Club

The Hospiten Group is an international hospital network with more than 50 years´ experience, committed to providing quality healthcare services.
We have 20 Hospital-Medical Centers and a network of more than 100 health centers under our "Clinic Assist" trademark.
In December 2010 the Group acquired MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid (affiliate of MD Anderson Cancer Center Houston, USA).
The group has continued to grow with the addition of three new hospitals in Mexico in November 2014, in Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta.
We have 1100 hospital beds in our multiple facilities in Spain, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Jamaica. We attend over 1.000.000 patients a year at pur centers.
Our is to provide our patients with first class healthcare services, throught the use of the best medical technology, top healthcare professionals and personalized patient care.  
All of the Hospiten hospitals have been audited and certified by Aenor and awarded the Quality Assurance Certificate under International Regulation ISO 9001, having successfully passed the inspection of all their medical-hospital services. In addition, we should include the adoption of the ISO 14001 regulation, concerning correct environmental management. The Hospiten Group was awarded the EFQM 500+ European Seal of Excellence.
The location of our hospitals in some of the world’s main tourist resorts and our experience in and commitment to the treatment of hemodialysis patients led to us setting up the Hospiten Dialysis Club. With centers in the main tourist areas in the countries where we can be found, we provide the human touch, personalized and fully guaranteed, so that nothing interferes with the enjoyment of a holiday.





Hospiten Tamaragua, founded in 1980, is located in the north of Tenerife 25 km from Los Rodeos Airport. The hospital has been recently renovated to improve the facilities and to give better service to patients attending the hospital. Hospiten Tamaragua is currently an outpatients’ center backed by another of our hospitals, Hospiten Bellevue, also in Puerto de la Cruz. The Hemodialysis Unit is equipped with 42 places, with an isolated area for Hepatitis C positive
patients. HIV positive and Hepatitis B Australia Antigen carriers are not treated. We use modern Fresenius monitors, with automatic monitoring of ultrafiltration and sodium profiles. Bicarbonate buffers are always used and allow for both unipunture and bipuncture lines. Filters are Fresenius-made polysulphone membranes of various sizes sterilized with ethylene oxide or steam.
Patients are made comfortable in electric powered chairs in an airy lounge with air conditioning and television. We also provide an Interpreting Service in a variety of languages.
T +34 922 38 05 12



Hospiten Sur was opened in 1984 to provide the best medical service for both tourists visiting the island and the local inhabitants. It is located just 20 km from the Reina Sofia Airport (Tenerife).
The Hemodialysis Unit is equipped with 27 Fresenius monitors with online clearance monitoring, programmable ultrafiltration, sodium profiles, bicarbonate dialysis and the option of unipuncture dialysis, Fresenius filters with Helixone high or low-flux membrane, sterilized with on line steam. Water is treated with inverse osmosis. We do not accept carriers of HBs Ag, HIV or MRSA positive patients. There are separate monitors for Hepatitis C carriers.Patients are made comfortable in electric powered chairs with air conditioning and individual televisions with international channels. We also provide an Interpreting Service in a variety of languages.
T +34 922 75 00 32



Hospiten Cancun was opened in July, 2003. It is located just 15 km from Cancun Airport and is near the hotel area. The hospital is equipped with vanguard technology and its facilities meet the highest international standards.
Hospiten Cancun responds to the healthcare needs of Quintana Roo State and gives medical coverage to some of the world’s top tourist resorts like Cancun and the Riviera Maya. The Hemodialysis Unit has 2 places with vanguard technology: digital Fresenius monitors, inverse osmosis water and single use artificial kidneys.
Hepatitis B and C negative and HIV negative patients are dialyzed. Patients are made comfortable in electric powered chairs in a pleasant atmosphere with air
conditioning and television with international channels. We provide an Interpreting Service in a variety of languages.
T +52 998 881 37 00