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Plasma Protein

The Orthopedic Surgery and Trauma Service at Hospiten Rambla has pioneered the use of plasma proteins. Since more than seven years ago, they have been used as a complementary treatment in various surgical techniques and in ambulatory filtrations to treat a wide variety of both sports and degenerative pathologies.

In recent years their use has become more popular with elite athletes and for diseases affecting the locomotive system.

What are plasma proteins?

They are proteins that play an important role in the complex process of repairing and regenerating tissue.

The application of these proteins helps accelerate healing and regenerate tissue.

These proteins are located both inside platelets and in blood plasma. A total of seven plasma proteins have been described found in plasma and in platelets, associated with tissue regeneration.

For which pathologies are they indicated?

The technique is indicated for a wide range of pathologies. As no two patients are the same, apart from diagnosing the lesion, it is important for a specialist to evaluate and examine the patient and on reaching a diagnosis, to prescribe suitable treatment. Generally:

  • Chondropathy, osteochondritis and osteoarthritis.
  • Knee and other joint ligament lesions.
  • Muscle and tendon lesions.
  • Bone consolidation (pseudoarthrosis or non-union of fracture, delayed consolidation)
  • Cutaneous regeneration: pressure ulcers or bedsores, delayed healing.
  • As complementary treatment in tendon and arthroscopic surgery.

What side effects or complications might there be?

In addition to the usual effects of an injection, in some cases there may be increased pain in the area infiltrated in the first 48 hours, which is treated applying cold and anti-inflammatories if needed.