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Post COVID-19 Check-ups

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The Hospiten Group offers patients who have overcome SARS-CoV-2 a complete examination to locate, treat and monitor the complications that may appear once the acute phase of the disease has passed.

Hospiten's post COVID-19 check-up includes a comprehensive set of diagnostic tests performed in a single day.

You will have a report on your state of health after COVID-19, prevent complications and start the most appropriate treatment for possible side effects.


Based on your risk factors and other details, a specialist in Internal Medicine will assess you to determine your current condition and degree of risk of developing sequelae or complications due to COVID. The assessment will be carried out through questionnaires and measurements that will estimate your physical capacity and emotional state and identify any persistent symptoms.


Why is this check-up important?

It is important to monitor the health of all those who have overcome COVID-19, since even some asymptomatic patients have suffered complications afterwards. There have been cases of patients having effects of the virus that were not initially evident, and without a general check-up, they would not have been detected in time.


Who should have the check-up?

It is always advisable to consult a specialist after going through COVID-19, especially if you have cardiovascular, pulmonary or hematological risk factors, or other symptoms like tiredness, fatigue, chest pain or palpitations.

Young people without risk factors and who have suffered mild, or even asymptomatic COVID-19, may also develop some symptoms that must be monitored.


Medical tests included:

  • Comprehensive assessment by a specialist in Internal Medicine, this allows coordination of all medical tests carried out and adaptation of these to each patient. In addition, the specialist will evaluate all organs and systems that may be affected and analyze all the information collected in the check-up to categorize each case and make recommendations as needed.

  • Use of questionnaires and scales to assess psychological sphere, physical capacity and persistent symptoms as a first approach to the overall condition of each person, allowing staff to focus on the areas requiring attention.

  • A complete physiological study of the patient including weight, height, BMI, blood pressure and oxygen saturation by pulse oximetry.

  • Electrocardiography, this test will give the specialist information on the state of the individual’s heart by detecting arrhythmias, signs of obstruction of the coronary arteries, disorders of the nervous system and other heart conditions.

  • A Spirometry will complete a study of the lungs allowing doctors to determine lung capacity and disorders in the volumes handled by the respiratory system.

  • A posteroanterior (PA) chest X-ray provides an image of the heart, lungs, airways, blood vessels, and bones of the spine and chest, helping to detect difficulties in the respiratory system and lesions to the heart or chest.

  • High-resolution computerized axial tomography (HR-CT) of the chest is a high-precision diagnostic study that generates multiple images of the interior of the body, creating a three-dimensional view of bones, soft tissue or blood vessels which, when encoded by a computer, provides greater detail and accuracy in the diagnosis.

  • Transthoracic echocardiography for a more detailed study of the heart using sound waves with three-dimensional images and, if necessary, a Doppler test allowing doctors to see the movement of blood through the heart, the valves and other cardiac structures, ruling out alterations in contractility, the condition of the different membranes and confirming or ruling out of heart weakness.

  • Complete blood and urine analysis to diagnose possible complications or sequelae of SARS-Cov-2, which includes: quantitative albumin, total bilirubin, total creatine kinase, d-dimer, ferritin, fibrinogen, estimated glomerular filtration, glucose, glycosylated hemoglobin hba1c, complete blood count, hormones to check thyroid function (total T3, free T4, TSH), lactate dehydrogenase (lhd), microalbuminuria, urea nitrogen (BUN), natriuretic peptide (bnp), C. reactive protein (quantified), cephalin time (aPTT), prothrombin time (INR), Vitamins D25 OH, GOT and GPT.

  • Serology to determine immunity status against SARS-CoV-2 viruses

  • Complete report with risk stratification, treatment guidelines where necessary and recommendations for the patient's medical follow-up.

    * All tests are non-invasive except blood test


The cost of Post COVID-19 Check-up: 580,00€


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