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10 years in Hospiten Cancún

Posted on 12-12-2013


Leslie Hendriks, Oscar Cadena and Ruben Grande, among many others were attended at Hospiten Cancun, where the concept of family is strong.

Text: Antonio Correa/ Photos Ruben de Landa

*Dos Puntos magazine

The birth of the triplets of the current rector of the Technological University of Cancun, Leslie Hendriks, the care given to Oscar Cadena and to the well-known triathlon athlete Ruben Grande, are just some of the testimonials that certify the work of Hospiten over 10 years’ lending healthcare services in Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

 “As a first time mother, it is a great life experience, without doubt the greatest of my life, I was lucky to be living in this city and we were attended at Hospiten Cancun”, says Hendriks on the occasion of the medical center’s 10th year anniversary.

.“I am very happy that in Cancun we have access to care like this for special cases like ours, where everything went well and we were able to share such an important day with our family, with our friends. We felt completely safe throughout”, explained the lecturer in law, recently elected president of the National Association of Technological Universities for 2013-2015.

The journalist Oscar Cadena told us he has been one of the first to use the new facilities and technological additions to the hospital, because has visited Hospiten for years, where his traumatologist, cardiologist, orthopedist and all his family doctors work, with whom he has even built friendships, “day by day, year by year the hospital has become one of the best in the country”.

According to the work philosophy of the management, the medical center presents innovative solutions by means of a professional network adapted to the needs of the patients, “so that you can worry about what is really important”, they stated in an emotional speech to celebrate their first ten years.

 “We have had too many experiences, emotions - miracles we have seen and been a part of. We would like people to remember us as people who make others feel better. That is something we have learned here”, explains one of the nurses, Lidia Poot, who was joined by Maria Alejandra to say that both quality and warmth play a part in their work, “it is the cordial personal touch that we have to give to people, all of it under the concept that all this is like a family”.

The famous triathlon athlete Ruben Grande, who represents Mexico and Quintana Roo around the world in competitions for special athletes (his right like is amputated), states that Hospiten means top quality, “the truth is that I was very well attended when I was in hospital. The service was excellent”, he said.

Sheila, an example of life

She is a young lady who was successfully operated on 2 years ago when she underwent a complicated procedure to correct a curvature in her spine detected in her first year of life.

At 14 she started rehabilitation at the CRIT (Integral Rehabilitation Center) – Teleton in Cancun, however, specialists explained that rehabilitation would be no use without surgery. “The doctors spent two years looking for a hospital meeting all the conditions for this kind of operation”, she recalled, “because it required a highly specialized team”.

The professionals in charge of the operation were Jorge Luis Dominguez, orthopedic surgeon and trauma specialist specializing in spinal surgery; Luis Edmondo Rocha, neurosurgeon and Jesus Alvares Tostado, specialists in critical surgery. After her experience, Sheila says she is going to study medicine and that she is grateful to her family, the CRIT, God and Hospiten. “They are excellent people – I felt supported by them all”, she stated.


"Siendo una mamá primeriza, que es una gran experiencia de vida, sin duda la mayor de mi vida, tuve la fortuna de vivirla en esta ciudad y fuimos atendidos en Hospiten Cancún", Leslie Hendriks, rectora Universidad Tecnológica. “Being a first time mother, it is a great life experience, without doubt the greatest in my life, I was lucky to be living in this city and were attended at Hospiten Cancun”, Leslie Hendriks, Technological University rector.

 “day by day and year by year, it has become one of the best hospitals in the country”, Oscar Cadena, journalist.

 “The service was excellent”, Ruben Grande, triathlon athlete.