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The HOSPITEN Group organizes a Talk on Parkinson´s in collaboration with the "Asociación Parkinson Sol de Estepona"

Posted on 30-10-2012


April 28, an informative talk on Parkinson´s Disease was held at the Padre Manuel Cultural Center, organized by the HOSPITEN Group and the "Asociación Parkinson Sol de Estepona" and was a great success in attendance.  
The informative talk took place yesterday, Monday, at the Padre Manuel Cultural Center where Dr Mark Andreas Saguer, Consultant Neurologist at HOSPITEN spoke for over two hours on the symptoms of the disease, its diagnosis, possible treatments and useful advice for patients.
Parkinson´s is a neuro-degenerative disease affecting the nervous system in the area responsible for the coordination of movement, activity and muscle tone. This causes affected patients to suffer from, among other symptoms, trembling when in repose, slowness in movement or muscular rigidity, which causes a marked diminishing in the quality of life of those suffering from the disease.
These informative talks strengthen HOSPITEN´s commitment to supporting organizations like the "Asociación Parkinson Sol de Estepona" and to informing the general public and patients of health matters of general interest.
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