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The HOSPITEN Group closes the 'Informative Conference on Childhood Allergies'.

Posted on 23-10-2012


The 'Informative Conference on Childhood Allergies' was held at the Silken Atlantida Hotel in Santa Cruz de Tenerife on June 25. The event was presented by Dr Ignacio Zerolo Saez, Head of Medical Services at the HOSPITEN Group. The course included talks on various respiratory allergies, food allergies and the prevention of allergies. The more than three hours of talks dealt in detail with the condition and with the most important factors for parents and the general public. It is important to make sure people understand these allergies and that prevention is fundamental to the growth and development of the child.
The conference was a success, attended by over 180 parents, healthcare personnel and general public interested in the subject.
Among the various subjects dealt with were the different types of respiratory and food allergies, ways of preventing them and treatments. In addition to the talks, there was a Round Table at which the public could ask questions and clarify their doubts.
Conferences of this kind endorse HOSPITEN’s commitment to informing the general public and professionals in the field about health matters that may be of interest to them.
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