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Tenerife Diocese Charitable Agency receives a donation of 50,000 Euros from the Hospiten Group.

Posted on 10-01-2013

On December 21 2012, Tenerife Diocese Charitable Agency (Caritas) received a donation of 50,000 Euros from the Hospiten Group at a discreet act taking place at the head office of the Hospiten Group. The aim of the donation is to support the social work carried out by Caritas for those in need.

The act was attended by Leonardo Ruiz del Castillo, Director of Caritas Diocesana de Tenerife, and, on behalf of the Hospiten Group, Juan Jose Hernandez Rubio, CEO, Diana Cobiella Beauvais, Member of the Board, and Pedro Luis Cobiella Beauvais, Member of the Board and Managing Director.

In the words of Leonardo Ruiz del Castillo, Director of Caritas, "We are deeply grateful to Hospiten for this economic contribution to our work with the less fortunate and for the trust it shows in us; we also hope that this gesture will serve as an example to other organizations and that they will collaborate in helping those most in need in our society".

"With the current economic scenario in Spain, here at the Hospiten Group, we cannot cut ourselves off from the present situation and, although we are going through times in which austerity usually comes over and above any other criteria, we believe that as a responsible company and, on behalf of everyone at Hospiten, we must help to mitigate as much as possible the harm this economic situation is causing among the less fortunate", explained Juan Jose Hernandez Rubio, Hospiten Group CEO.