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Hospiten informs the public of how to prevent high blood pressure

Posted on 25-02-2016

Cardiology Service specialist Ramiro Lobelo gave a talk last Wednesday, February 24 at Hospiten Tamaragua with the aim of making the general public aware of the importance of this silent disease, affecting 50% of adults.


Santa Cruz de Tenerife, February 25 2016: Understanding what high blood pressure is, how it harms the body, how to know if we have it and how to prevent it are some of the content of the talk Dr. Ramiro Lobelo, Hospiten Cardiology Service specialist, gave today at Hospiten Tamaragua to some 80 members of the public.


High blood pressure is currently common among adults, between 40% and 50% of the population suffer from the condition, and that number is as high as 70% in those over 70 years of age.

As Dr. Lobelo explained, it is a disease that is usually silent until the first complications arise. Furthermore, high blood pressure is a risk factor present in all cardiovascular diseases and “we must therefore be aware that although it does not hurt, if left to evolve, the risk of mortality may increase”.

The talk covered nutritional-hygienic and therapeutic measures to diagnose and treat the condition early on and avoid it progressing. The talk is part of a series of measures organized by the Hospiten Group to provide information for the general public on how to prevent disease and care for their health.