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Presentation of Dani Hernandez as new Tenerife FC player

Posted on 20-01-2015

“I am very grateful and really want to pay that confidence with hard work”. Dani Hernandez was officially presented at Hospiten Rambla as the new Tenerife FC goalkeeper. The technical secretary of the ‘Blue and White’ team, Alfonso Serrano stated, “we were very clear about Dani Hernandez being who we wanted in goal”.

DANI HERNANDEZ: “I tried to help the team as much as I could. I was at the disposition of the trainer and everything was pushed through as quickly as possible. I am very happy. The fact that I am from here makes adapting quicker and easier. I was only thinking about contributing all I could to the team. In defense, it was a great game – we didn’t give anything away. There is time to improve and grow. The easiest thing was to sign up for these months and then, we’ll see. I will try to earn my future by training hard every day”.

ALFONSO SERRANO: “The truth is that we were very clear that our aim was to get Dani Hernandez in the goal. Right from the start he showed he was willing to come, which we are grateful for and we’re very happy he’s here. For the moment it’s until June to avoid dragging out the operation. There is time to talk, to assess things and make decisions about the future. The goal is well taken care of”.