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Talk on Health at the El Corte Ingles ‘Ambito Cultural’ Hall: Prevention and orthopedic treatment of sports lesions

Posted on 19-12-2013

Last Wednesday, December 18, a talk on Health Prevention and Orthopedic Treatment of Sports Lesions was given as part of the El Corte Ingles ‘Ambito Cultural’ program and the cycle of talks on health offered by the entity.

Dr. Manuel Baro, head of the Orthopedic Surgery and Trauma Service at Hospiten Rambla spoke about the prevention, study and treatment of this type of lesion. Treatment may involve arthroscopic surgery, minimally invasive surgery and applications of plasma rich in growth factors (PRGF), in addition to monitoring the patient until his/her return to normal life. 

A large part of the public does sport, whether for health reasons, for fun or because their work requires a medium – high level of physical activity. For those doing physical exercise or who intend to take up sport, it is important to take suitable measures to prevent sports lesions.

To prevent lesions, it is fundamental for each patient to do tests like a gait analysis, to be advised on sports gear, footwear, etc. and a skeletal muscle analysis.