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The Hospiten Group and Tenerife Football Club - joint action with the White and Blue first team

Posted on 21-11-2013

The specialist in nutrition Marjorie Duchateau gave the Tenerife team a talk on Thursday.

Under the agreement signed at the beginning of the season, and under which the Hospiten Group became the official medical sponsor of Tenerife FC, an individualized study of each of the players on the first team was made to assess their eating habits.

The nutritionist, from the Hospiten Diet Therapy and Nutritional Education Unit, gave a talk for the players and technical team on the importance of eating habits in the lives of professional athletes.

These first steps in working together took place at the El Mundialito facilities on Wednesday and Thursday before the day’s training sessions and continued with the individualized study of each player and dietary recommendations for the players to improve their overall performance as athletes.

Assessing eating habits helps to detect unhealthy habits and following a dietary plan adapted to each individual, as part of a general plan of action, will help find solutions to reconcile the players’ daily routine with recommended changes. For that reason, players will be monitored and recommendations made when pertinent, and if deemed necessary, gradual nutritional reeducation will be provided that will be active and adapted to each player and situation.