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The Hospiten Pediatrics Service offers a First Aid course for teachers and parents

Posted on 22-10-2013

To have some knowledge of First aid is one of the main concerns of teachers, as schoolchildren are highly likely to have accidents - grazes, broken bones, choking, etc. while at school. Teachers are responsible for the safety of children while they are on the school premises and, therefore, must be prepared for any medical emergencies. Furthermore, to know what to do in an emergency is a concern of parents, too.

Dr. Colli gave the talk to explain how to give first aid, as the outcome or evolution of any injuries resulting from an accident depend on how quickly first aid is applied and on the quality of the attention given.

The doctor stressed the importance of prevention in accidents involving children and gave advice on how to prevent accidents, like avoiding toys or games with small parts or balloons, which are the most common cause of death by obstructing the airways.

In the case of a suspected cardiorespiratory arrest, the doctor gave some basic advice on how to practice cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), describing the steps of basic pediatric CPR. How to give heart massage or how to administer the Heimlich maneuver were some of the techniques that most interested those present.

Dr. Colli dealt with the subject of chronic childhood illness: asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, and went into detail about the protocol to follow when dealing with allergic reactions at school.

Regarding the diseases with which a child can go to school, she pointed out some mild infections that do not impede the child’s attending class, and others that are more contagious, when the child must wait to return to class.

The talk, promoted by Hospiten Estepona, responds to the social commitment of the group to supporting the publication of medical information of interest to the general public.

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