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Presentation of the new Canarias Basketball Club at Hospiten Rambla

Posted on 02-09-2013

The center Luke Sikma, is one of the new faces in Canarias BC 2013/14, was presented last Saturday, August 31 to the media at an event held at Hospiten Rambla, the new medical sponsor of the Tenerife team.

The pivot from Bellevue (Washington, Seattle) flew into the Reina Sofia Airport from Madrid after a transatlantic flight from Seattle and a stopover in Madrid to arrive in Tenerife at midday on Friday, August 30.

Luke, who expressed himself in very correct Spanish during his appearance before the press, made it clear that his wish is to grow as a player. “I want to be the best player I can. Now I have the chance to play in the ACB (Association of Basketball Clubs) against the best players in Spain and I’m looking forward to doing it well”, said the North American, who comes to Canarias BC after two years knocking on the doors of the elite during his time with UB La Palma and Burgos de la Adecco Oro.

The Hospiten Group has 16 medical-hospital centers around the Canaries, Costa del Sol, Madrid, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Jamaica, which undoubtedly adds value to its prestige, quality and excellence in the healthcare sector.