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Hospiten teaches twenty students from the Cesar Manrique Arrecife High School in Lanzarote how to deal with and treat a hemodialysis patient

Posted on 10-03-2015

Arrecife, March 10 2015. Last Friday, the group of second-year baccalaureate students studying Human Biology at the Cesar Manrique de Arrecife High School took part in a workshop organized by the Hospiten Group in collaboration with the school to demonstrate the technique used in hemodialysis and how to attend the patients who must rely on this treatment to compensate for their renal insufficiency.

Through the talk, organized in collaboration with Human Biology teacher, M.P.R., of the Cesar Manrique High School, Hospiten contributes to improving the preparation of future healthcare professionals by bringing students closer to the real world of work. The Group hopes to be able to repeat the talk at other educational centers in the Canary Islands.

During the talk given by Hospiten Tamaragua nurse Andres Miguel Hernandez Pinel, the students, aged between 17 and 18, were given some basic notions of the treatment and on how to insert a needle, how to find a vein to insert a catheter, to check blood pressure and on basic life support. Particular interest was paid to the students learning how to care for the vascular access, the duration of the treatment, dietary recommendations for patients and the chances of curing renal insufficiency. At the end, all the students were evaluated by means of a test agreed with the teacher and taking into account the curricular content of the subject.