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Professor Pedro Brugada, discoverer of the syndrome that bears his name, heads the new Hospiten Estepona Cardiac Arrhythmia Unit

Posted on 21-04-2014

Cryoablation for atrial fibrillation, a curative treatment for arrhythmia


Alterations of the heart beat, known as arrhythmia, are a growing problem in society today. The condition reduces the quality of life of suffers and can cause even more serious health risks like stroke or sudden death. Most arrhythmias can be studied using more common techniques like the electrocardiogram, echocardiography, stress tests or the Holter monitor – however, some arrhythmias require more complex diagnostic and therapeutic techniques to be diagnosed and treated correctly.

Professor Dr. Pedro Brugada heads the Hospiten Estepona Cardiac Arrhythmia Unit, which was created to provide highly specialized care in the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of patients with heart rhythm disorders, care of high scientific and human quality. Awarded the Gold Medal of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC), Professor Brugada is a reference of excellence in the study of genetic causes of cardiac sudden death.


The Cardiac Arrhythmia Unit, integrated within the Cardiology Service at Hospiten Estepona and consisting of a group of professionals highly qualified in the field, provides those suffering from the condition with the latest techniques, such as electrophysiological studies, arrhythmogenic substrate ablation using radiofrequency techniques and cryoablation, implanting and monitoring of defibrillation devices and cardiac resynchronization, among others.

Brugada Syndrome

In spite of there being known cases of the disease dating from 1917, no physician had defined the causes of the mysterious malady until 1992, when brothers Pedro and JosepBrugada discovered a specific pattern in the electrocardiograms of patients who had suffered this kind of sudden death.

Brugada Syndrome is one of the most common causes of cardiac sudden death. It is/brought about by a genetic defect that causes unusual cardiac arrhythmias that may be fatal. In some countries, sudden death is the second cause of death in young people after traffic accidents. In Europe, the syndrome affects one in every thousand people and due to its genetic origin, can affect various members of the same family.

Cardiac Arrhythmia Symposium

On the occasion of the launchingof the Cardiac Arrhythmia Unit at Hospiten Estepona, and with the aim of promoting teaching other medical professionals on the subject of the disease, the Hospiten Cardiology Service is organizing a


Cardiac Arrhythmia Symposium

Towards a rapid diagnosis and a curative treatment


The symposium will take place at the Kempinski Hotel Bahia, on Wednesday, May 7, at 18.30 and will gather around 70 medical professionals from the surrounding area.


The symposium will deal with subjects like the value of clinical records and of a physical examination in diagnosing arrhythmia; catheter ablation and cryoablation for atrial fibrillation. The event will be attended by Professor Dr. Brugada himself, as the Director of the HospitenEstepona Arrhythmia Unit; Professor Dr. Carlo de Asmundis, Head of the Arrhythmia Service at the Free University of Brussels (UZ-Brussel-VUB) and Dr. Jean-Baptiste Chierchia, Director of the Atrial Fibrillation Unit at the Free University of Brussels (UZ-Brussel-VUB).