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The HOSPITEN Group renews the EFQM 400+ European Seal of Excellence with AENOR

Posted on 05-06-2013

The HOSPITEN Group renewed the European Seal of Excellence 400+. This recognition, issued by AENOR on behalf of the “European Foundation for Quality Management”, aims to distinguish those organizations that follow a strategy aimed at achieving excellence in all their areas.


The renewal of the Seal of Excellence shows the public that the recipient is an institution that, in addition to doing its utmost to create more and better processes in its services, has a management model focused on excellence – a circumstance contrasted by an independent certification organization, in this case AENOR (Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification).


The recognition of the European Seal of Excellence allows the Hospiten Group to identify where the company is in terms of management level and to draw up a report describing their management activities and the results obtained, thus helping to identify the key strengths and improving the services lent.

Among the benefits of implementing the EFQM model at the Hospiten Group are the following:


  • Help for the company in achieving balanced results
  • Added value for clients
  • Enablement of the management to lead with vision, inspiration and integrity
  • Reinforcement of the development of process management systems
  • Improved capacity to achieve success through the people who form part of the organization


AENOR has two main activities - standardization and certification. On the one hand, it is legally charged with the development of technical standards in Spain. AENOR is also the leader in certification with its certifications being the most highly valued. Almost 45,000 certifications currently endorse organizations in fields such as Quality Assurance, Environmental Management, R+D+I, Safety and Health in the Workplace or Energy Efficiency. Furthermore, the organization has carried out 500 verifications and environmental validations and over 5,000 inspections in 2012. Through its activities, AENOR contributes to improving quality and competitiveness in companies, their products and services.