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Hospiten collaborates with the fourth edition of ‘Tenerife Blue Trail’

Posted on 20-10-2014

The Hospiten Group has collaborated for the second time with the organization of one the island’s most important sports events, Tenerife Blue Trail, held on Saturday, October 18, supporting the values that define the event, like healthy living, regular exercise and protecting the environment.

The more than 1,600 runners that took part in the fourth edition of the mountain race, the highest in Spain, can opt to have a sports cardiovascular check-up at Hospiten Bellevue, Hospiten Rambla or Hospiten Sur. Hospiten aims to highlight the importance of prevention and taking into account the risks involved in doing intensive sport.

In parallel, the Hospiten Group has awarded some of the winners from Tenerife a sports cardiovascular check-up and a gait study.

In addition, a member of the Hospiten Bellevue team, nutritionist Marjorie Duchateau, came in second in the senior category in the Media Trail modality with a distance of 24 kilometers in 03:15:19.

As a demonstration of their support for the regular practice of sport, Hospiten was also involved in the organization of Tenerife Blue Trail by supplying the runners’ bags, which were given to all runners registered in the race, athletes from 23 different countries from all over the world.

In addition to encouraging the healthy lifestyle associated with sport, the healthcare group wishes to lend its support, by collaborating on this event, to other values related to the development of a sustainable society respecting the environment.