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Hospiten Sur staff hand over more than 5,000 kilos of basic foodstuffs and products for families most in need to Social Services in Arona and Adeje

Posted on 18-07-2014

Staff at the medical center wanted to give a special mention for the success of the campaign they started in June and which involved over 500 members of the hospital staff, in addition to various companies in the tourism, food and emergency services sectors in the area.

Arona, July 18 2014. Staff at Hospiten Sur have handed over more than 5,000 kilos of foodstuffs (14 pallets) and basic products to the Social Services at the Arona and Adeja town councils to be distributed among families in the Arona and Adeje areas that are currently going through economic difficulties. This is the amount of produce donated during the food collection campaign carried out between June 24 and July 4 in collaboration with the two councils.

The handing over, held at Hospiten Sur, was attended by hospital volunteers and the councilors for Social Affairs for Arona and Adeje, Clara Perez and Amada Trujillo, respectively, who will be in charge of distributing the aid among the 1,400 families that, according to the local census, need most help at the moment.

Pulses, canned foods, baby foods and oil are the most common non-perishable products donated to the collection point set up and attended by Hospiten staff for two weeks in the hospital hall to help those people who, as a result of the current economic situation, have lost their jobs and find it difficult to make ends meet.

As they explained, “the campaign has been a great success”, among the more than 500 people making up the hospital staff and the local people using the hospital and companies in the area. “In just a short space of time we were able to rouse the interest of a lot of people and get them to contribute”, stated members of staff.

The staff at Hospiten have pointed out the support given by several companies in the tourism and food sectors, like the Hotel Jardin Tropical, Hotel H10 Las Palmeras, El Corte Ingles, Aramark, Puleva and Nestle. The campaign was also backed by various emergency and public safety departments, particularly Arona Civil Protection and Adeje Volunteer Fire Department, who collected foodstuffs at their respective centers to be handed in at Hospiten Sur.

Management at the Hospiten healthcare group have also made a substantial donation to complement the gesture of the staff at the hospital and all those taking part.

The workers at Hospiten Sur aim to launch other actions through which they hope to contribute to improving the quality of life of the residents of the south of the island currently most in need, including the collection of school material and toys for children in the area.