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MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid collaborates with Mujer Hoy on ‘Cancer Beauty Care’ for women with cancer

Posted on 28-02-2014

In Spain, every year more than 77,000 women are diagnosed with some type of cancer. With the aim of debating the importance of health, beauty and special care before, during and after cancer treatments, MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid has taken part in the ‘Cancer Beauty Care’ session organized by Mujer Hoy magazine at the ABC Museum in Madrid.

The meeting gathered around 150 people between patients, family members, friends of the patient, bloggers and experts from the different cancer disciplines. Among the MD Anderson Cancer Center specialists taking part were Dr. Santiago Gonzalez, medical director; Dr. Pedro Robledo, from the Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics Unit; Dr. Emilio Garcia, head of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Unit and Marina Mansilla, nurse with the center’s Outpatients’ Department.

The participants shared their doubts and questions with the aim of finding solutions and resources with which to face the disease and, especially, to recover confidence and self-esteem, something fundamental to get over the cancer process. In the words of Dr. Santiago Gonzalez, “the best resource in the face of one’s fear of cancer, latent in the general public, is information, because when one knows what is ahead and one knows the enemy, you can fight it”.
In addition to the presence of MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid Specialists, the meeting also enjoyed the support of La Roche-Posay, the Spanish Association for the Fight Against Cancer (AECC) and the Spanish Group of Patients with cancer (GEPAC).