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Hospiten successfully completes the transfer of their servers to the NAP facilities at Granadilla.

Posted on 15-10-2013

On the night of Friday, October 11 to Saturday, October 12, the transfer and installation of all the group’s servers took place at the Telefonica facilities within the NAP at Granadilla.

At the facilities Telefonica offers secure, solid data connectivity with an efficient, scalable infrastructure from a top –level center, the D-Alix, promoted by the Tenerife Island Government and located at the ITER (Technological Institute of Renewable Energies) at Granadilla.

The transfer to the D-Alix center facilities was carried out by phases to be able to maintain the service for the 16 hospitals the Hospiten Group has in four countries, thus minimizing the impact on the hospitals due to the change in location. The whole process was completed without incident in the healthcare services provided by the Hospiten Group to their centers.