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Experts in Maternal Fetal Medicine in the Canaries will analyze the latest advances in protecting the fetus and dealing with complications during pregnancy

Posted on 12-06-2014

Hospiten has organized a conference on Maternal Fetal Medicine on June 21 for healthcare professionals.

Next Saturday, June 21, the Hospiten Group will hold the I Conference on Updating in Maternal Fetal Medicine for healthcare professionals to discuss the latest technological advances and medical techniques used in the detection, study and observation of the fetus and of complications coming up during pregnancy.

The initiative is directed by the specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics, Walter Plasencia Acevedo, head of the Hospiten Fetal Medicine Unit, which provides specialized care during pregnancy and which, since opening three years ago, has attended over 4,000 women and carried out 10,000 ultrasound studies.

According to Dr. Plasencia, nowadays advancement in ultrasound studies and analyses has made it possible to monitor a pregnancy in much greater detail from the first trimester, thus contributing to making an accurate diagnosis and choosing the right treatment for problems in the fetus or complications that may come up during pregnancy.

Having access to a prenatal diagnosis of problems is of great help in that it improves the prognosis in many cases and, furthermore, allows for prenatal surgical intervention that may save the life of the fetus, improve its quality of life in the future and allow the mother to be treated when necessary, adds Dr. Plasencia.

At present, the later average age at which women become pregnant and the increasing cases of obesity and diabetes as a result of lifestyle changes, has brought about an increase in the risks that may come about during pregnancy, such as chromosomal abnormalities, some malformations and other various complications for the mother (high blood pressure, etc.). However, thanks to maternal fetal medicine, many of these problems can now be diagnosed and treated, states Walter Plasencia.

Family physicians, obstetricians, midwives, nurses, auxiliary nursing staff and lab staff are invited to attend the conference at which, among other current topics, will deal with the study of chromosomal abnormalities, fetal DNA in maternal blood testing to detect chromosomal abnormalities, chorionic villus and amniocentesis sampling, fetal MRI and high blood pressure in pregnancy.

At the conference, to be held at the Hotel Mencey Iberostar, in addition to Walter Plasencia, will be other speakers, like Dr. Jose Fernando Luis Escudero, of the Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria Hospital, Dr. Catalina de Paco Matalla, of the Virgen de la Arrixaca University Hospital in Murcia and Drs. Margarita Alvarez and Ingrid Martinez, of the University Hospital of the Canaries (HUC).