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Hospiten teaches the players and technical staff of Tenerife FC the secrets of healthy eating for sports people.

Posted on 15-01-2014

Under the agreement signed at the beginning of the season and under which the Hospiten Group became the official medical sponsor of Tenerife FC, last Tuesday the Hospiten Diet-therapy and Nutritional Education Unit nutritionist, Marjorie Duchateau, gave a talk for all the players, technical staff and auxiliaries of the cadet and juvenile teams on the importance of eating habits in the life of an athlete. The talk took place in the assembly room at Geneto High School and was also attended by parents interested in the information on eating habits recommended to improve the overall performance of a sports person.

Assessing eating habits helps detect unhealthy elements in the athlete’s diet and a suitable, personalized eating plan forms part of the actions required to find ways to reconcile an athlete’s routine with recommended actions. Therefore, those involved will be monitored so as to make recommendations where necessary and, if needed, a progressive, active, individual eating plan will be drawn up for each athlete and situation.

After the talk, players, trainers and parents were able to ask the nutritionist questions.

In the coming weeks the event will be repeated with the other youth teams. A new, added value in the personal and professional education and development of young people.