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Hospiten Estepona becomes the medical center associated to Marbella Football Center

Posted on 18-10-2013

The companies have signed an agreement under which athletes requiring medical attention at Marbella Football Center will be attended at Hospiten Estepona.

Last Friday, October 11, representatives of Football Impact and Hospiten, Christoffer Komen and Gaston Iglesias for Football Impact and Marbella Football Center and Carlos Salazar, Commercial, Marketing and Communications Director for the Hospiten Group, respectively, met at the Marbella Football Center facilities to sign an agreement under which Hospiten Estepona becomes the medical center associated to Football Impact, the company responsible for sports events held at the Marbella Football Center and in Estepona, among others.

By means of this action, Marbella Football Center and Football Impact offer profesional teams coming from all over the world to spend the pre-season in Marbella quality medical services of the standards required by the professionals who will use them.

Many professional football teams subject their players to medical check-ups during the pre-season. To cover the needs of these teams, Hospiten has developed a check-up for football players with specific tests aimed at these athletes.

In addition, as a partner of Football Impact, Hospiten places at the disposal of the company the full range of the services available at the center, in particular 24-hour E.R., hospitalization, radiodiagnostics, surgery, I.C.U., clinical analysis laboratory and outpatients’, and a wide range of medical specialties, among which are: anesthesiology, gastroenterology, cardiology, general and digestive surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, dermatology and venereology, hematology, internal medicine, ophthalmology, ENT, neurology, pediatrics, gynecology and obstetrics, orthopedic surgery and trauma. 


About Football Impact

The company organizes the pre-season for top professional football teams. In the last year Football Impact has organized more than 80 teams of 17 different nationalities and set up over 33,000 overnight stays, which is a great endorsement of the Costa del Sol as a destination. It is a way of supporting the WINTER hotel industry (Low Season). Great figures that have visited our facilities include, for example, Fabio Capello, Vicente del Bosque, Jose Antonio Camacho and many more.

Football Impact provides high performance facilities at the “Marbella Football Center” complex, considered one of the best in Europe; and serves the important function of, among others, building loyalty among football teams and capturing new teams.

It is clear from the information available that sport and, in particular, football is a way through which to increase development in the zone in which it takes place – Football Impact and Marbella Football Center more than fulfill that function.