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The Endocrinology and Nutrition Unit at Hospiten Tamaragua organizes a conference on Healthy Eating and Overweight

Posted on 13-11-2012

Obesity is the most common nutritional disorder in the western world. In the Canary Islands, one of the autonomous regions with the highest rate of obesity in Spain, prevalence of the condition is 14.21% in men and 22.2% in women.

Obesity increases the risk, among other conditions, of diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. To deal with the problem, an evaluation must be carried out by healthcare professionals to determine the possible causes, such as bad eating habits, an underlying hormone disorder like hyperthyroidism or eating disorders.

The Conference on Healthy Eating and Overweight dealt with the different aspects of eating habits and overweight with the aim of explaining the risks and prevention of obesity to the attendees. Dr Orvelindo Rodriguez, a specialist in endocrinology and nutrition, spoke about the concept of overweight, explaining 'ideal weight', thyroid disease, pathological overweight and diabetes, highly prevalent in the Canary society.

The specialist in dietetics and nutrition at the Hospiten Tamaragua Endocrinology and Nutrition Unit, Marjorie Duchateau spoke about healthy eating habits, focusing on the Mediterranean diet vs. 'miracle diets' and the things to take into account before going on a diet to lose weight.

She ended by explaining that a balanced and varied diet like the Mediterranean diet and regular physical exercise are the mainstays of treatment in most cases and that professional advice on the subject is vital to starting the right treatment.