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Mothers and fathers-to-be from the pre-natal education center 'Baby Shower visit the Hospiten Rambla facilities.

Posted on 31-10-2012

Last August 30, a group of mothers and fathers-to-be from the pre-natal education center 'Baby Shower' in La Gallega, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, visited the Hospiten Rambla facilities as part of their program for parents-to-be.

During the 2-hour+ visit, the future parents were able to see all of what will happen during the process of giving birth. Carolina Esmerodes, Head of Nursing at Hospiten Rambla, said, 'Activities like this enable parents-to-be to deal with birth with a better idea of what to expect, and that takes away a lot of the worry and stress that comes with such a special moment - the birth of a new life.'

The visit took them round all the areas relative to a birth - the E.R., rooms, labor room and nursery. Throughout the visit everything was explained by nursing supervisor Isabel del Toro, who answered their questions and gave practical advice about the process - from the moment the mother-to-be is admitted, the dilation process, the birth itself to caring for the newborn baby. In Isabel’s words, 'We must remember that a pregnant woman is not ill, so we don't treat her as if she is. We simply help and make a natural process more comfortable and safer'.

At the end of the visit the future parents could speak to one of the Hospiten Rambla midwives to get answers to any doubts that may have come up during the visit. Georgette Brito, Managing Director of Baby Shower, stated, 'It's wonderful to be able to reinforce we provide on our courses and to see how useful it is and how it makes the work of both the parents and the healthcare staff easier'.

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