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Another nine Tenerife FC players complete their medical check-ups at Hospiten Rambla.

Posted on 15-07-2014

The second group of players undergoes routine tests at the start of the 14/15 pre-season.

Carlos Ruiz, Ayoze Diaz, Roberto Gutierrez, Aridane Santana, Ricardo Leon, Kike Rivero, Suso Santana, Raul Camara and Cristo Martin visited HospitenRambla first thing in the morning for analyses, the stress test in the cardiology department directed by Dr. Antonio Castro, and other routine tests under the supervision of Dr. Juan Jose Valencia, head of medical services with Tenerife FC.

The other group of players, who completed their check-ups on Monday, trained at the Mundialito stadium. On Wednesday at 10.00 the whole team will train together for the first time and will end the day with a double session at the Juan Padron Morales Complex at 18.00.