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Hospiten foments good heart health habits on World Heart Day

Posted on 16-10-2013

Once again, on the occasion of World Heart Day, Hospiten carried out a public awareness campaign in Algeciras and Benahavis.

With the slogan “For a healthy heart”, the public was encouraged to take up healthy lifestyle habits and passersby were given apples. Through this action, the Hospiten Cardiology Service intends to transmit a positive message to encourage healthy habits, like including vegetables, fruit and fish in our diet.

On October 1, Hospiten staff visited Colegio Daidin in Benahavis to hand out apples to pupils at break time. The following day, October 2, between 10am and 2pm, the campaign moved to Calle Ancha in Algeciras, opposite the Town Hall, where again the public was made aware of the importance of looking after one’s heart and how to do so.

Regarding risk factors, in addition to age and family history, there are some external factors that can lead to heart disease like diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, smoking, eating habits causing overweight or habits leading to a sedentary lifestyle, stress, etc.

Cardiovascular diseases constitute one of the biggest causes of incapacity and mortality currently affecting our society. However, being responsible for our own health, we can prevent them by avoiding a series of risk factors that can bring about heart disease. Through this action, the Hospiten Estepona Cardiology Service aims to better inform the general public of how to reduce risk factors to the minimum like for example, keep one’s weight under control and do regular exercise.